The Story Behind Promethean Psychology LLC

Promethean Psychology aims to get people excited about evidence-based psychology through our core values of creativity, science, expertise and community.

Our Mission:

The mission of Promethean Psychology is simple: We want to make evidence-based psychology exciting and engaging.

Our Why:

We believe that evidence-based psychology is uniquely indispensable to our well-being. But let’s be honest, there is a lot of what we call “Pseudo-Psychological junk” out there that has negatively influenced people’s perception of psychology. We know that when psychology is evidence-based, delivered with fidelity, individualized to the consumer, and packaged with a healthy dose of creativity, it can transform lives like few other disciplines can. Put simply – we think psychology is awesome and want to show the world that!

Our How:

We make evidence-based psychology exciting and engaging by being daringly creative in everything we do. Promethean Psychology strives to think outside the box, question conventions, and constantly think of creative ways to package evidence-based psychology. Be on the lookout for new programs, services, and products here at Promethean Psychology.

Our Values:

  • Creativity: Creativity is the fuel that drives the mission of Promethean Psychology. We believe that in order to generate excitement about evidence-based psychology, it should be delivered in a variety of creative ways.
  • Science: Part of what we believe makes psychology indispensable to our well-being is the science behind it. We view science as the backbone of evidence-based psychology. In line with this, we see it as our duty to use evidence-based approaches in everything we do.
  • Expertise: People seek psychology for wide variety of reasons. Unfortunately, it is too often difficult for people to find a psychologist or mental health professional whose expertise matches what they are seeking. We value the importance of mental health professionals cultivating an area of expertise within the large universe of psychology.
  • Community: “To change the world, one must stay in their ivory tower” –No one, ever. At Promethean Psychology, we value the importance of psychologists and other mental health professionals getting out of their cushy offices and connecting with the community they serve. We often provide free talks to various community organizations such as schools, churches, and support groups. Feel free to shoot us a message if we can help your community through a talk.